Top Foods That Have a High Glycemic Index

Top Foods That Have a High Glycemic Index

Glycemic index is a certain value that is allocated to food items to determine their absorption rate and influence on blood sugar levels. These carbohydrate foods have a direct and severe impact on the sugar levels which need to be under control, especially for diabetic patients. Read more about Top Foods That Have a High Glycemic Index.

Carbohydrates with a low glycemic index i.e. 55 or less get digested at a slower rate which causes a slower increase in the blood sugar levels. On the contrary, food items with a glycemic index of 70 or more digest rapidly and cause a quicker increase in blood sugar levels.

People who are susceptible to diabetes are advised to follow a low GI diet to prevent the spiking up of their insulin levels. Consuming proteins, fat, or carbohydrates with a low GI level diminishes the overall GI of the entire meal which ensures a healthy lifestyle.

High glycemic index foods don’t only increase the risk of diabetes, but also obesity, heart diseases, ovulatory infertility, and colorectal cancer. High GI foods are extremely debilitating for the health of all individuals, and thus must be avoided in every way. There are several food items that we consume being unaware of their GI levels. Let’s see which of the following foods have a high glycemic index (70 or more).

Top Foods That Have a High Glycemic Index:

1. Processed food items

All the carbohydrate-rich food items that are highly processed have super high GI levels. Once a food item is processed, it is ripped off of its fiber content which leaves it with a myriad of starch and sugar which increases the GI levels. When grained foods are processed to be turned into powder go through the elevation of the GI score. Fiber helps in slowing down the digestion of the food, decreasing the blood sugar levels, but processed foods are stripped off from the value by taking the fiber out. Break, doughnuts, bagels, etc are all high GI foods.

2. Fruits and vegetables

Even though most of the fruits and vegetables are low in GI and incredibly healthy, the list includes some with a high GI level of more than 70. Most of the vegetables are rich in fiber which helps to lower and slow the increase in blood sugar level and are at the peak of their nutritional value once they are fully ripe. However, vegetables like pumpkin, parsnips, and fruits like watermelon have an extremely high GI score.

3. Starchy food

The blood sugar levels are influenced by the three kinds of carbohydrates: sugar, starch, and fiber. Foods with high starch levels are devastating for health as they impact the blood sugar levels adversely. People with diabetes are commonly suggested to consume food items that have high fiber content and low starch content to avert the surge of insulin in their bloodstream. Food items like white rice, boiled white potatoes, and French fries have extremely high GI levels.

4. Soft drinks

Beverages and drinks are very commonly stamped as being harmful to health. Another factor that certifies the plausibility of this lab is the fact that all drinks that are sweetened with the help of sugar or syrups consist of a high GI score. They can cause sudden fluctuations in the blood sugar levels and might lead to insulin resistance in the future, which is known as a type 2 diabetes precursor. Juices that are made up of ripe vegetables and fruits are high in GI as well. However, the use of fruit pulp can help in lowering it down. Soda and corn syrup are examples of high GI drinks.

Here are some examples of high GI foods that you must avoid:

Top Foods That Have a High Glycemic Index:

  • Watermelon – 72
  • Honey – 73
  • Doughnuts – 75
  • French fries – 76
  • Soda – 74
  • Corn syrup – 73
  • Table sugar – 75
  • White rice – 89
  • Pumpkin – 75
  • White bread – 71
  • Rice pasta – 78
  • Parsnips – 97
  • Millet – 71


High GI foods are extremely disastrous for people suffering from diabetes and must avoid them in all cases. However, people who are not suffering from any medical condition should consume high GI foods that have a high nutritional value. Consult your physician before bringing a major change in your diet. So this concludes the topic for Top Foods That Have a High Glycemic Index

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